Colour Discrimination Plague in India

colorPreeti Iyer (name changed), a reader, paid the price for being dark-skinned when her boyfriend’s in-laws rejected her just because she was “not fair”. She wrote to me: “Udayji, I felt so dejected! It was a terrible feeling that skin colour was given preference over my love and unfortunately, he too deserted me when he succumbed to their pressure.”

It is highly deplorable. Even today, Indians are obsessed with fair skin and run after fair complexion. The love for white skin is shockingly high! It’s disgusting.

What’s India’s fastest growing consumer market? Politics? Anti-Indian NGOs? Multi-level Marketing Religions ? NO. NO. The fastest growing market in this country is whitening-cream with a CAGR (compounded annual growth record) of approx. 22%. The billion dollars market consumes about 300 tonnes of skin-whitening products! The volume in the unorganised and ayurveda is unknown!

There have been lots of advertisements, especially from Unilever and Emami, in which the film stars and fair-skinned models say that to be successful you have to be fair! The statement is not just unfair – it conveys a message that ‘forget about working hard, it’s all about skin colour!’

Preeti also wrote: “Even during schooling, my light-skinned classmates ridiculed the color of my skin. One of them called me “black paint.” Others say, “She’s not pretty!”

India was the only country in the world where any sort of discrimination never ever existed from ancient time – especially a discrimination based on the colour of the skin.

The most popular goddess in India is Maa Kali (Durga). Kali means dark skinned.

Almost all popular gods in India are blacks – Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, Shiv, and Tirupati Balaji! Krishna means “black, dark” in Sanskrit.

The foundation stones of Sanatan Dharma are Vedic literature. Most of the verses were compiled by dark-skinned sages.

Sage Valmiki is the most celebrated as the harbinger-poet in Sanskrit literature. He was dark-skinned tribal. In fact, Ramayana is the victory of blacks (a combination of black Rama and dark brown monkeys) against Ravan, a white!

The central and revered figure in most Hindu traditions is Veda Vyāsa (Krishna Dvaipāyana) – he was also dark skinned! He wrote Mahabharat and Bhagavad Gita among numerous scriptures.

The most beautiful heroine of the biggest epic in the world ‘Mahabharat’ was dark-skinned Draupadi (Krishna).

Most of the Heroes, Kings and Acharyas were also dark-skinned.

Some dirty minded politicians and anti-Indian left intelligentsia try to convert this skin-colour discrimination as a caste-based issue. Its natural for their crooked brain to put blame on our ancestors. The colour discrimination is NOT caste based. Preeti is a Brahmin girl and the person she loved was a Dalit.

There were equal number of dark and fair skinned people in all Varnas (professions) as well as in Savarna (children of couple from same Varna) and Avarna (children of couple from different Varna).

Combining the latest genetic information with ancient texts, the results suggest that class distinctions emerged 3,000 to 3,500 years ago in India which was purely based on profession. But the caste divisions became strict recently – after invasions from abroad. Even after the introduction of caste system in India by Europeans, you could see fair and dark coloured people among all castes. Even in the same family you can see different colured siblings. Hence the Caste and colour discrimination are not the same as populated by anti-Indian pseudo intellects.

Some morons used the word “Arya” to denote fair-skinned people. They coined a false theory of Aryan invasion in India and propogated that Brahmins were Aryans! The meaning of the word “Arya” in Sanskrit has nothing to do with the race. Arya = noble man or a person with wisdom. Hence, those who learnt Sanskrit, Vedas or any skills were called Aryans. And most of those Aryans were blacks and Dalits! Profession became birth-right later – just like in the case of politicians family. Look around – Brahmin castes have a huge chunk of dark-coloured population among them!

Colour in India is not really an indication of you ancestry because we have been mixing for so many thousands of years.

So, how did the colour discrimination come to India?

According to historical records, the skin-colour based discrimination reached India during the inquisition of Portuguese barbarian pirates in Goa. The pirate-cum-evangelist chieftain Francis Xavier said that Goans should be killed as they worship black Hindu gods. The brutal Francis led the massacre of innocent people – lakhs of Goans – just because they worship black god and do not worship his white god.

The racist West had hijacked the legacy of Jesus Christ and converted him to a Caucasian and given a filmy make-over. Jesus Christ was an Asian. According to earlier historic books and descriptions, he was short, dark and bald. Today, the west will not even allow a black man to become Pope!

The idea of colour discrimination became stronger as the Europeans from other countries landed in India. The British used to look down upon Indians on the basis of color. They hated Gandhi because he was dark-skinned. Colonial rule and its overt racism has gradually been adopted and integrated into the society. With time, Indians adopted a similar nature and since Independence this habit or nature has not only sustained but has taken deep roots.

Indians thus became obsessed with fair skin as they acquired this legacy from the British era. As our rulers were fair skinned, we also run after fair complexion. The Western educational system that developed in India has also changed our mind set. It has imbibed an invisible color code in our brain – white is good, black is bad.

This trend has given rise to undesirable attitude of people.

While I was working as a film journalist, a famous movie director told me: “He (a dark-skinned popular star of that time) insisted that his heroines should be white-coloured. So I had to import actresses from Mumbai just on the basis of fair-skin and not talents.”

According to the director, the film actor whose skin colour was like Saligrama Rock dipped in the Indian ink, wanted to feel the white-skinned girls by touching and hugging them. What a pervert!

I know lot of so-called ‘socialist’, ‘janatha’ political leaders who come to power as saviours of the backwards and dalits. They then desert their dark-skinned first wife, only to marry a fair-skinned girl. The obsession to white colour made a top leader, also was a minister, to marry even third time for a more white-skinned girl. Our media still consider these politicians as champions of the blacks!

TV advertisements for fairness creams were about the dark-skinned girl failing to get the guy, get the job, and get the life of her dreams. According to experts, a fair skinned person is considered attractive regardless of whether that person has a symmetrical face or a healthy figure. What an irony?
If you were to be a girl, it’s much harder being dark skinned. I often see matrimonial advertisements in Indian newspapers and website which read: ‘Wanted fair bride, very fair bride….”

In fact, the government should take action against such discrimination based on colour of the skin.
I told Preeti: “Personally, I had also faced such an embarrassing question from a relative, when she asked me – Uday, you should have married a fairer skinned girl. What would you do if you get a slightly dark-skinned child?”

She smiled.

“Preeti, being dark is not your fault. Being fair is not their work either. One cannot take pride in something that happened by chance. To me, black is beautiful. You look very cute. You can prove that you are better than those pale-skinned girls,” I said.

After all Namma Super Star Rajanikant is dark-skinned, isn’t it?

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