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Did Krishna Support Polygamy?

“Despite having 16008 wives, people worship Krishna. Is he a role model for today’s husbands? Naw!” “What’s wrong in having affairs? Why can’t I have multiple wives? Krishna had many wives, so why can’t...


Are Puranas Real?

“Why do you believe in Gods like Rama and Krishna? They are just mythological heroes or puranic story characters and of course NOT real Gods…” a question from another ABCD (American-Born Confused Desi). (Desi=Indian)...


When Human Becomes Powerful than God

Do you know which is the second longest text in Sanskrit after the Mahabharata? No, it is not the epic poem Valmiki Ramayana – it contains only 24,000 verses. It is ‘Yoga Vasistha’ (Jnana...