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Why Am I NOT afraid of GOD?

Few years ago, my friend Rajsekhar introduced me to his family: “This is Mr.Uday Pai, my good friend and very god fearing person…” Later, I asked him: “Raj, who told you I am afraid...


When Human Becomes Powerful than God

Do you know which is the second longest text in Sanskrit after the Mahabharata? No, it is not the epic poem Valmiki Ramayana – it contains only 24,000 verses. It is ‘Yoga Vasistha’ (Jnana...


Are you a Sinner?

David Adefuye, an African-American, my fellow journalist, told me that we are all sinners. “I don’t think I am a sinner…” I said. “Are you saying you are perfect?” he raised his eye brows....