Can I worship YHWH, Allah, Christ, and Buddha?

“A friend recommended your website. I have gone through most of your articles. You claim that you’re a Sanatan Dharmi hence follow inclusive humanity. Let me ask you a DIRECT question – Are you broad-minded enough to worship YHWH (Yahweh or Jehovah) and Allah, and why?” Ahmed Ansari from Noida.

“STRAIGHT answer: NO. I worship those Gods whose existence I can prove scientifically. I worship Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, etc as I can explain them scientifically and rationally. But I don’t disrespect anyone’s beliefs.”
“What about Buddha and Christ?”
“Buddha is a historical character and many Hindu Puranas consider him as the Avatar of Maha Vishnu. Harivamsa also mentions him. So I bow to his statue whenever I visit a monastery. I haven’t seen any authentic historical document about the Jesus in the Bible, but I do respect many ideals behind the concept of Jesus in the Bible and love to follow them. I don’t worship him. Hope my answer is clear…”
“Yes, your answer is clear. Now my second question, are you really secular?”
“I don’t know the meaning of the word ‘Secular’. If it means respecting all religions, oh yes I do. I respect all beliefs. I RESPECT doesn’t mean I ACCEPT them. Did I make myself clear about it too?”
“No. You didn’t say if you are secular or not…”
“I said, I didn’t know its meaning. The state of India is secular – that’s no religion for the state. But the Constitution of India provides to all individuals and communities the freedom to profess, practice, and propagate any religion, or not to follow any. A citizen of India is entitled to believe anything as long as it doesn’t create problems for others. An Individual is NOT the state.”
“Oh, great, you are dodging the question again, Mr.Uday Pai.”
“No. I am coming to that. If you agree with the above definition of secular, anyone who follows a religion cannot say he/she is secular. In the Indian context, a popular perception of the practical meaning of being secular is to praise Islam and bash Hinduism. Sorry. I cannot praise or bash any religion. I repect all religions. Semitic religions are based on beliefs. I go by facts. I follow the science. Tat’s why I follow Hindu Dharma. It’s all-inclusive and non-discriminatory. For a true Hindu, humanity stands above religion.”
“Shouldn’t we consider all religions equal and profess the same thing?”
“No. All religions are not the same. For some religions, faith stands ahead of humanity. That’s why they kill and die for faith. But my Dharma taught me to pray: Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu and NOT Hindu Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu. We are NOT asked to convert people to Hinduism to get a reserved seat in Heaven. We are not asked to kill non-believers to please God. For us, brotherhood doesn’t mean same-faith brotherhood, it is universal human brotherhood that includes non-believers too. Our principle is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (all living beings on the earth are a family). No, I cannot consider all religions to preach the same. Not even remote.”
“Mr.Uday, I understood where you’re hitting to. I am sure that you have gone through all religious scriptures. But you might have read the wrong-interpretation…”
“I go by authentic scriptures from approved sources, not interpretation. If you want I can show you the inhuman commands of Gods from the Holy Books…”
He didn’t respond to that. Instead he said: “Mr.Uday, I am glad that you follow non-violence and inclusiveness. I really appreciate that. However, my religion prohibits me from respecting any other Gods or beliefs. For us, there is only one God and it is our divine duty to at least try to convert everyone to our beliefs. Honestly I tried that with you. But I understand that you wouldn’t budge. But thanks for your time.”
“Ahmed, as said, India is a democratic country where people are treated equally. Probably the only country in the world that give special privileges and status to ‘some’ minorities. I respect all beliefs, but that doesn’t mean I can accept that. Let humanity and nation come first and religion comes last.” (Message Number: 370)

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