Beware of Ayurveda Medicines!

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4 Responses

  1. Dr. Satish says:

    Dear author I think your having half knowledge about the concepts of Ayurveda while writing articles you should have through knowledge about the concepts please dont misguide the people with your half knowledge.

  2. Sankara Menon says:

    I agree. I have slipped disk L5-S1. I saw a doc. He asked me to make kashaya and take. Not buy and take

  3. karishma c jain says:

    Dear sir, regarding your topic on ayurveda.what according to you may be used as a trusted source of ayurveda treatment. Can sources like patanjali by ramdev baba be used.? Thank u.Pls post this ayurveda topic on fb so that I can ask ppl to refer for knowledge.

  4. Vijaya Sarathy says:

    Pranaam Paimaam,

    Yes, I agree with your writings about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicines available in today’s commercialism., how people are taken for a bumpy ride. As for my knowledge goes, I am aware of one honest Ayurvedic Doctor, fortunately not practising, never prescribed any Ayurvedic treatment, was telling people, Ayurvedic treatment is best in the world, but, when you get fever, take PARACETOMOL.

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