Be like a Lion (Swayameva Mrigandratha)

LionA very dangerous, harmful and deadly virus is spreading across the world. No cure has found till this day. No antidote. Nobody has a practical remedy. The present environmental conditions are favorable for fast breeding virus.

“What will you do?”

You get angry. You curse it. You cry foul. Or you kill few people infected with that virus. Or you organize a few people and fight with it. You can also blame the government. But will any of these reaction stop the killer virus from spreading and getting infected?

No. Our country is suffering from the dangerous infection of this virus…more and more people either joining terrorists or supporting anti-nationals.

When I wrote an article about the virus named religious fanaticism, “Terrorism Has No Religion?” ( ). I have got unusual number of WhatsApp messages, FB messages and E-mails. Many people disagreed with me. Some people have gone to the extent of accusing me as a ‘secular’! (sic)

All we do is getting angry, shouting at them, spreading hate speech? You blame the governments, political parties or religions. Is the blame game helping you anyways? What will you gain apart from ego satisfaction by doing so? Can’t you see you are totally helpless when you fight with an enemy who is attacking you from shadows?

Religious terrorism is NOT the only virus. The biggest industry in the world – spiritual trading – is also posing a danger with its diversification – business of conversion, especially by Semitic religions. Another deadly virus is Communism and Marxism. Capitalism is a mutant virus. There are other major viruses like Media and Market that brainwash you with wrong concepts and lopsided ideas. These viruses create a deadly world around you and thrive on discrimination, intolerance, violence and inhumanity. None of these things are useful for humanity as a whole.

“Do you have a practical, workable solution against the virus?” This is the life-and-death question a sane person can ask. The answer is NO. So, we have to find a solution for these deadly viruses ourselves – nobody is going to find it for us.

When there is no remedy what will you do?
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