How the Barber Got His Own Head Shaved Off!!!

When I went to the Barbar shop yesterday, I saw my regular Barbar had tonsured his head and removed his moustache.

What’s more, among the images of pantheon of Hindu Gods that he displayed on the wall, a new Goddess has appeared.

When I looked at his face and before me asking any question he said: “We went to Vellankanni and tonsured the heads.”

Then pointing out at the Goddess picture, he said “This is Velankanni Matha…”

I said: “Good”.

It’s great to see that Hindus always remain secular by displaying pictures of other religions, though I have not yet seen otherwise till this day.

There was another man sitting in the nearest chair for his turn after me. A tall, trimmed beard man with a spectacle. I had seen him in our locality, but I didn’t know him personally. He asked: “So, did you join Christianity?”

“No – I am not yet converted to Christianity…They said you may continue as a Hindu for some time and there is NO compulsion that you should join Christianity…” the Barbar said
“Haha…That’s a very generous offer. Very unlikely from Semitic cults…You are lucky…” the bearded man replied.

“Yes. But I have decided I won’t bow to any other Gods who didn’t save me…”he said.

“What made you go there?” I asked him.

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