Attack on Hindu Dharma?

“Udayji, why do Marxists, socialists, and communists always attack Hindu Dharma and our culture ?”
The followers of Sanatan Dharma had developed a highly civilized human society, where the basic FOUR needs of human were provided at FREE of cost:

  1. Food: Our ancestors followed and upheld the dictum “Athithi Devo Bhava”. They provided food to the needy before eating. Anybody can go to anyone’s house and seek food. If there are no houses, he/she can go to a temple and have food.
  2. Education: After the Upanayana (tradition to announce that you are ready for learning), you can go to any Gurukula (teacher’s abode) and get your education. You will be provided with food and accommodation. You may have to work in Guru’s place – it would help to develop the character of being humble and understand the nature of work. After the preliminary education, you were free to choose any subject depending upon your vasana (inclination) – trade, economics, warfare, arts, literature, etc. If you want to go for higher studies, well, the Bharat had world’s top 26 universities and huge libraries. Unfortunately, invaders destroyed those universities.
  3. Healthcare: My father used to tell me, during his childhood, the Vaidya (doctor) would never accept money from the patient. The Kingdom and system paid the Vaidya. The ancient doctors would consider that serving the patient is serving God.
  4. Justice: For justice, you can approach the head of the village. If you think that justice is not done, you can even go to King’s court. Justice was absolutely free. And you are assured of the real justice. Compare that with today’s legal expenses for court cases.
    While our ancestors were living in such a civilized society, the rest of the world had a different story to tell.
    Those part of the world was unjust and inhumane then. The rulers followed the cruel regime of monarchy and feudalism. The society thrived in discrimination based on birth, skin colour, class, and race. The ruling class cruelly exploited the poor and the working class. Those countries had the world’s highest prevalence of slavery.
    Socialism and its offshoots like Marxism and Communism (together let’s call it ‘isms) are born in such un-civilized primitive world. Later, the Frech revolution overthrown such regimes. The revolution influenced European thinkers, paving way for these ‘isms.
    On the other hand, there was no slavery in Hindu India. There was no discrimination of any sorts – in fact, the dark-skinned people like Krishna, Rama, Vyasa, Draupadi, etc were worshipped. There was no caste, hence no discrimination based on caste. (In India, discrimination on the basis of caste has developed during the foreign invasions).
    The only division in the Hindu society was based on profession, which is called “Varna” in Sanskrit. That too was a horizontal one, not like that of today like bureaucrats and political class shamelessly demand the highest respect and promote VIP culture – the results of socialism.
    Unlike in the West, being a King was not a birthright, it was a profession known as Kshatriya. One has to prove his mettle – by learning Dharma Sastras and passing the warfare and physically fit tests. Look around you – the political parties formed in the name of ‘isms consider being a ruler is birth rate.
    The Hindu kingdom was not a regime of the monarchy. The King was known as Dasa (Servant) of the diety, which was the presiding deity of the country. And the King was answerable to a group of learned professionals (in Sanskrit they were called Brahmins)
    So, you can clearly see, Hindu Dharma founded upon humanity and equality. The ideology was based on Dharma (duty, responsibility, right, and privilege)
    The ‘isms parivars always teach you ONLY about your rights – they won’t tell you about your responsibilities and the commitment towards society and country.
    In today’s world, what’s the on the ground reality? ‘Isms mean, looting and exploiting tax-paying honest citizens and use their money for the enjoyment of party workers.
    These three Isms turned to be poisonous viruses in today’s world. The viruses can thrive only in a conducive atmosphere of poverty, violence, discrimination, fear, insecurity, miseries and hardships. Hindu Dharma, clearly, is an antidote to those viruses. There is no scope or future for any such ‘isms in Hinduism. Would viruses love its vaccines? No. Naturally, they attack.

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