Are you a free thinker?

What is the highest state a human can reach? Or what is the ultimate aim of a human being?

Happiness? Peace? Heaven? God? Comforts? Bliss? Ecstasy
Oh, No.

According to our ancients, the ultimate aim is to be a free thinker. You can’t believe it? Before going to that, a simple question.

Are you a free thinker?

99% would answer YES. “Oh, I have my own way of thinking. I think independently. No one can influence my thoughts,” you would say.

But the truth is NO. Our mind is so manipulated that we don’t even know that we are conditioned to be a slave thinker.

If you have ever listened to the Vedic mantras during any ritual/ceremony, you might have come across the Sanskrit phrase “Vairagya Sidhyartham” (to achieve Vairagya). All your offerings are done NOT to please God, or go to heaven or fulfilling any wishes, but for developing a state of being called Vairagya.

What’s Vairagya?

There is a popular misconception – Vairagya means “detachment.”

“According to our sages, get yourself detached from the bondage and material life, then you will get happiness or moksha,” many would say.

If someone tells you to get detached from material life, you can ROFL (rolling on the floor, laughing). It is a huge joke.

(Excerpt from my book “MIND YOUR MIND: Turn Frustration into Fascination” )

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