Are Puranas Real?

Purana“Why do you believe in Gods like Rama and Krishna? They are just mythological heroes or puranic story characters and of course NOT real Gods…” a question from another ABCD (American-Born Confused Desi). (Desi=Indian) His name is Jayanth Mathews – born to Hindu mother and Christian father from Kerala.

Jayanth has some exposure to Indian and Christian literature. He is a kind of agnostic. He continued: “Uday uncle, I can accept that life of Jesus Christ as history. But Rama and Krishna are just myths…”

“It is, in fact, the other way around. Apart from Bible there is hardly any contemporary literature that even mentions about Jesus Christ. But there are more than 300 literatures, scriptures or versions of Ramayana from many countries around the world that talk about the biography of Rama. Krishna was also mentioned in hundreds of scriptures during his time. I am sure Jesus Christ as well as Rama and Krishna were historical characters. There could be some exaggeration in their stories, like, even today, we accept a movie hero who bashes hundreds of villain with bare hands…”Please continue reading at

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5 Responses

  1. Vikas says:

    Above description is too useful.
    Actually, it should be brought out in modern days specially to our youngsters and teenagers so that they realise and believe in our great culture and Scripture.
    Thanks for sharing useful conent.

  2. Narender says:

    ur blogs are really highly educative , thank u very much.

  3. v r krishna says:

    just a mistake in my early reply.the kid really gave a hard time.but you are cunning evader

  4. v r krishna says:

    the kid really hard time.but you are a cunning evader

  5. vidushi says:

    Dear Uday ji,
    The more i read your blogs, the calmer i become. Its like a stress buster, like a cup of refreshing tea after a stressful day. even before i think of a question, you have surprisingly written about it which makes me really happy! As i was growing up i had so many questions about our religion (hinduism), how it coincided with modern science theories but i never got answers in fact was asked not to questions! But now i can ask and also get an answer..thanks to you. After reading this particular blog i just wanted to understand further how does the theory of evolution and the facts mentioned (the timelines and events described) in our puranas and itihas coincide with each other. Is there any mention of humans being evolved from monkey and apes in our literature? Please enlighten.

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