Are Allah, Yahweh, Brahma all creators?

A reader from Dubai (who wishes to remain anonymous) asked me this question to me: “Uday sir, if Allah, Yahweh, Brahma are creators, why do people worship them in separate names? Why can’t we just worship Allah?”
The reason is simple. All are different concepts of Gods. The Pre-Islamic Allah was one of the many gods in the polytheist Qureshi tribe. He used to be a family man and had three good daughters. Later Prophet Muhammad declared Allah is the creator of the world and all others are false gods.
“Sir, Allah is just an Arabic word for Supreme God, anyone can address God as Allah,” he said.
“In that case, why don’t you use the Hindi word ‘Parameshwar’, which also means Supreme God?”
Obviously, the Prophet’s Allah is the name of the Arabic God. And today Muslims believe that Allah is the creator of the world. They worship Allah as the one and only God.
“What about Yahweh?” he asked.
“Yahweh (YHWH, Jehovah) is the creator God of the Jewish tribe. Yeshua (Jesus) was born in that tribe. He also addressed Yahweh as God.” It is a Hebrew word.
Now that there are nearly 5000 castes (denominations) among Christianity, they worship God as the Creator, the King, the Almighty, and the All-Seer. And most of them do not mind addressing God in local languages.
“When it comes to Hinduism, Brahma is the creator right?”
“No. Brahma is one among 33 crores (330 million) Hindu Gods. Brahma is not the creator – he is Prajapati (Sanskrit: “Lord of Creatures”). He is believed to be our ancestor. Even if some Hindus wrongly consider him as a creator, almost nobody worships Brahma.”
“But you, in an article mentioned that you worship Brahmam, right?” he asked.
“I haven’t mentioned like that anywhere. Brahmam is totally different from Brahma. While Allah, Yahweh, and Brahma are concepts of God for believers, Brahmam is a scientific reality that exists. Brahmam is NOT God. Nobody is asked to worship Brahmam because I and you’re also an integral part of it. It is all-inclusive, and not God.”
“Oh, can you explain it in simple terms to a non-Hindu?”
“I don’t think it is easy as we need to know a bit of Quantum physics, Thermodynamics, Particle Physics, Astronomy, and Space physics to explain it. Brahmam is the sum of everything – matter, energy, and vacuum – in the ever-changing universe (cosmos), its collective consciousness, and the transcendental process of an ever-changing universe. It can’t be God. If God exists, it is also part of Brahmam. We are all in it. “
“Ok, so Brahmam is a scientific theory. Brahma is a belief and concept of God. But Hindus worship the tri-Gods, right?”
“Hindu sages used a Trimurti concept – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva – to explain the energy transformation process of the Brahmam, so that laymen like us will understand…”
“Which is?”
“We know energy can’t be created or destroyed. It only transforms. The energy transformation process happens in cycles. Any cycle has clearly three parts – beginning, sustenance, and destruction. Then again it continues to repeat. The beginning part is viewed as the creation by a layman. As we know, the living creatures are in four dimensions and it is connected to the umbilical cord with the source. The four dimensions are represented by Brahma’s four faces. The chord to the source – rhizomes (the lotus stem connected) – connected to the navel of Vishnu. We know navel is symbolized to be the cause of creation. Vishnu sustains. At the end of the process, Shiva does the Samhara tandava (dance of annihilation and release). I have explained this in detail in various articles, so better refer to my website” I said.
“I have one more doubt. Did all tribes have a creator God?”
“Yes. There were/are thousands of Supreme Gods or creator Gods in many tribes. Most African societies believe in a single Supreme Creator God Chukwu. Embu religion revered a God named Ngai who lived atop Mount Kenya. ‘Eingana’ is a creator goddess in the Australian Aboriginal religion (Northern Territory). The powerful and brutal tribes conquer or destroy other tribes and forcefully impose their beliefs in others”
“But you don’t believe in any creators?”
“No. A Sanatan Dharmi need not believe in the creator story. He/she follows science. As far as I am concerned, the creation, creator, and created are the manifestation of the energy and matter – it comes from the same source. My ancestor named the source Hari (Vishnu/Narayana). So, I worship Hari. But no one taught me my belief is so important and you should kill or die for Hari. Instead, we are taught Manav Seva is Madhava Seva (Service to humanity is the service to Hari). So, even if I don’t worship him, he doesn’t have any problems at all.”
“Hmm. You people are not afraid of God! It’s difficult to understand your beliefs. “
“Yeah, so better follow your own set of beliefs that are so simple to follow. But my only request is, if possible, try to respect other human’s beliefs.”

We Hindus Have 330 Million+ (33cr +) Gods, Seriously!
Following yesterday’s WhatsApp broadcast message, at least 200 readers provided feedback about me mentioning 330 million Gods (33cr) in Hinduism.
“Udayji, don’t you know that Hindus ONLY have “33 TYPE” Gods! You’re the author of Why Am I a Hindu and we consider you as the only writer who scientifically explains Sanatan Dharma. So it might be an oversight or an error from you,” sum of all messages.
It was NOT an error. I can go only by Vedic scriptures and Puranas, and not by apologetic Hindu’s WhatsApp university assumptions. I am a proud Hindu and not at all apologetic about having 330 million Gods. I am not brainwashed by Semitic beliefs.
To best of my knowledge, in Sanskrit Koti (Kodi) means crore. There are many other meanings for that word, but, of course, not a meaning like ‘type’ or ‘category’ or ‘family’ etc. Yes, there is a distant meaning ‘prakar’ for Kodi, but even that is not mentioned anywhere (like ’33 prakar God’).
The 33 Vedic devas concept is not in Puranas, but it is mentioned in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (Chapter 3 as a conversation between Śākalya and Sage Yājñavalkya). It says that there are 33 devas in the celestial world, in terms of the performance of yajnas. It doesn’t mention the word “koti or kodi” there. When some apologetic Hindus saw the number 33 there, they might have mixed it up with a different concept of 33 crore devas mentioned in Puranas. But Vedas also lists a lot of other gods. Rig-Veda itself mentions about “3,339 devas have worshipped Agni”. There are hundreds of Gods in Vedas itself.
If there are only 33 devas, what about those inhabitants in Swargaloka? There are 14 Indras. His army, his sons, members of his court – millions of devas are supposed to be there. Then there are a lot of Gods in Kailasam (Shiva’s abode), Vaikuntam (Vishnu’s abode), etc. What about Vishnu’s 24 avatars? Are you not considering them as Gods? Don’t be so naive!
The apologetic Hindus should also explain the Tamil phrase, ‘Muppathu Mukkodi Devargal’? Does it mean 33 types of gods? Most of the old texts and regional scriptures talk about 33 crores of God. You can find similar phrases in vernacular languages.
Hinduism teaches us to be free and democratic. So you’re free to follow beliefs like “We have ONLY 33 types of Gods!”.
People can also follow Semitic beliefs that There is ‘ONLY one God’ or there is a ‘Creator God’. But being a Sanatan Dharmi I cannot follow such superstitions!
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  1. Aman yadav says:

    Sir be caution when you use word like Hinduism,33 crore devi devta,

    Because first we understand what is hinduism?
    Nazism, communism, capatilism, libralism all word have suffix “ism” means ‘Vaad’.
    So Hinduism means hinduwaad.
    Now hinduwaad telling that someone wants to impose hindu ideology on someone else.
    So that’s why is no such thing as a Hinduism. But Islamism and Christianism are exist which we call MAJHAB.
    हिंदू जो अपने कर्तव्यों का निर्वहन करते हैं उनको हिंदू धर्म कहकर पुकारना चाहिए। That’why don’t call it hinduism but proudly call it hindu dharm or sanatan dharm.

    2) second thing nothing like 33 crore devi/devta, Koti in Sanskrit means “Prakar”
    Also..that is why 33 koti means 33 type of devi/devta.

    3) Yajna, the yaj root means are त्याग , देवपूज, संगतीकरण, दान … That why never wite the English word sacrifice for yajna it changes the meaning completely…Violence has no place in Yagya.

    Therefore, we should be interpreted with great care.

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