Another incident – a father, NRI son, and rituals

“My name is Arun. My father Laxmi Narayan was your regular reader he used to speak very fondly of you…”
“Okay. Glad to know…” I said.
“My father passed away last week…”
“Oh, I am sorry to hear that. May his Atma attain Sadgati…”
“Uday sir, I don’t know if you remember him…Twelve years ago, you advised my father a Moola (root) Mantra when he approached you with some problems he faced…”
I didn’t say anything. I have a very poor memory. I had advised some Mantras to at least a few hundred people in different circumstances.
“He had spent a lot of money on priests and astrologers before contacting you. You told him God doesn’t want money. After listening to his problems you have advised him a Moola Mantra over phone. You told him to recite it during Brahma Muhurta after lighting a lamp. He said it worked like a miracle. He was following this Achara (=ritual, though not exact translation) till his death.”
I kept mum. Mantras definitely have some effects. In some of my old articles and my book Mantras and Rituals, I explained some Mantras with the help of modern science. Logically, 90% of problems with human beings will be solved if one gets up during Brahma Muhurta (between 3.30 a.m. and 5.30 a.m. IST). (I had explained how). If you light the lamp and recite any Mantras, the effects will be multifold. It has psychological, physiological, and sociological reasons too. I have already explained such things in many articles.
“Uday sir, now I have two doubts. One- my dad advised me of this mantra. As a son, is it mandatory that one has to follow the ritual?”
“If you believe in it, you have to follow…Our Smritis say Acharah paramo dharmah (Practicing Acharas is the ultimate dharma).”
“Can I ask a personal question…Do you follow any rituals Uday sir?”
“I am not a ritualistic and traditional guy. However, from childhood, I follow one ritual that was advised by my father. After the bath, I light a lamp in front of the images or Viagrahas of all the Gods that I worship and recite some Moola Mantras. Other than this, I am not very particular. At times, I perform Poojas or Haven or go to temples, that’s all…”
“Uday sir, now about my second doubt. I am going back to Australia. So I won’t be able to light the lamp and recite the Mantra during Brahma Muhurta Indian Time…”
I cannot blame him. People tend to follow rituals blindly without understanding the actual meaning and principles behind them.
“I may not be able to perform many rituals in time…” he added.
Hindu Acharas are performed for your own Ayur-Arogya-Soukhya (longevity, health, and happiness), and not for Gods. It should have at least a few or all of these eight benefits: 1. Psychological, 2. Physiological, 3. Family bondage, 4. Social bondage, 5. Community health, 6. National Integration, 7.Material benefits, and 8. Environmental Protection and sustainable healthy living
I told him: “There is an old saying: Swagruhe poornam aacharam, Anyagruhe thdardhakam, Pattanethu thad paadam, Yathre-balaad aachharastheth You should perform the complete rituals at your home. When you go to another’s house, you should perform at least half of it. However, in cities, you may perform one-quarter of Acharas. During the travels, you need NOT perform any Aacharas. In short, everything in Hindu Dharma is related to Kala-Desa-Patra (time-location-individual). That’s why our Dharma remains as Sanatana – everlasting.”
“Oh, I am relieved…”
“Temporarily. As a believer, when you face problems in life, this will haunt you. Arun, Australia also has its own Brahma Muhurta. You also have a time between 3.30 to 5.30 AM there, right?”
“Right, Sir…”
“If you don’t have night duty and don’t have any professional or personal engagements, what time you can get up in the morning?”
“If I go to bed a bit early I can get up at 4 AM sir.”
“Fair enough. Get up at 4 AM, clean up, light lamps in front of your favorite God and recite the Mantras as per your father’s advice.”
“Does it work?”
“Yes, of course. God doesn’t need any Mantras to please him. God doesn’t need money or anything. You’re doing it for yourself. So, do it earnestly.”
Even if you don’t believe in God, try to get up early morning, and light a lamp. Sit quietly for some time looking at the fire in the lamp (at least it has two energies – light and heat). If you continue doing this for 41 days earnestly, you might experience some changes in your life.
And if you are a believer, do it in front of your favorite God (as advised by elders – every God has a specific energy module) and recite the Mantras (as advised or followed by the elders). Experience the difference that makes in your life.
Just saw another related question: “Udayji, I believe in Hindu Dharma. But there are times when we cannot follow any Acharas. I am in Merchant Navy, sailing mostly. What would we do if we cannot follow Achars?”
“According to Bhagavad Gita, anything you do, any action, deeds or even thoughts, say ‘Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu’. This is the best Achara. Alternatively, you can also say ‘Narayana Samarpayami’ or ‘Sri Ramachandrarpanamastu’ – that is, you can use any God’s name depending upon your belief. Also, you can do it in Sankalp too”
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