Ancient Indian Secrets to Healthy Mind!

Worry, anxiety, stress, nervous disorder, depression, ADHD, autism, fear, mood-swing, and other mind conflicts!

“Uday sir, my son has some mental problems.” “Is it a curse?” “Was it because of sin?” “Is it caused by evil influence?” “Is it an attack by negative energy?” “Is it demonic possession?” “Has somebody done black magic to ruin me?” “Is it owing to evil planets?” “Are stars angry with me?” “It appears somebody has put evil ‘eye’ on my family”… I used to get all such questions. Funny, it appears, but for the sufferer it is real.

Fortunately, our ancestors were NOT as superstitious as modern men! So if you really want a mentally healthy child, listen to them.

The ancients have well-researched about the human mind rationally and developed a perfect lifestyle to maintain a healthy mind even for future generations.

They classified stress (or any other mental disorders) into two groups: (1) Naisargika (Natural or inborn) and (2) Arjita (earned, acquired or obtained).

“Naisargika” (Natural) is further sub-divided into four – Atmajam (born or descended or caused by the immaterial and immortal part of a human being or animal), Mathrujam (born or descended or caused by mother), Pithrujam (born or descended or caused by Father)and Vargajam (born or descended or caused by race).

According to ancients, some mental diseases are derived from previous (past) lives which are carried by Jeevatma (the individual self). It is related to unidentified memories. It’s a vast subject, I cannot explain this in a small article now, hence skipping this part for now.

Pithrujam, Mathrujam, and Vargajam can be combined into one – genetic or DNA related.

The modern world has no remedy or solution for ‘Naisargika’ mental disorders. But our ancients had it. To begin with, they said that the purpose of marriage is the procreation of healthy progeny – hence they followed the ‘Varna-Ashrama dharma’ and ‘gotra-system’ (If you don’t know about these two aspects, please check my website for more details ) in marriages to avoid mental (also physical) diseases for future generations.

Ancients said the female had a sacred and secret ability (an internal arbitrary decision) to choose the best sperm among the billions coming from the Fallopian tube. The egg cell of a dharmic (righteous) wife has that intelligence. The result? A mentally healthy child.

I can hear you say: “Udayji, you are telling ridiculous, illogical, irrational non-sense. Unbelievable…”

Wait a minute.

The latest research by scientists in the University of East Anglia in collaboration between Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research and the Institute of Zoology revealed how females select the ‘right’ sperm to fertilize their eggs when faced with the risk of being fertilized by wrong sperm from a different species.

The ancients even suggest the best time for conception. Scriptures like Boudhãyana Grihya Sutra says that “one should approach his wife from the fourth to the sixteenth night, especially the later ones”. Apastamba Grihya Sutra clearly says that the baby conceived on 12-16 days after the period must be healthy.

The first three months after fertilization is most important in developing or formation of the mind, so the elder women in the family would take care of the bride with a set of dos and don’ts – what to eat, whom to talk, what to listen, etc.

Science says babies can recognize their mother’s voice, which shows that they developed that memory before they were born, so the brain was ‘working’ at that stage. This is one of the reasons why diet and the lifestyle choices that you make can have such an impact upon the unborn child.

Our ancestors said that listening to proper Vedic mantras have a neuro-linguistic effect on the child and its brain development. There are some other rituals (Samskãrs) like Pumsavana and Sîmantonnayana during this period. (Partly superstitious and partly scientific but some of the rituals impact the mind of the pregnant mother and child). If you take care of the pregnant mother properly, the child will have a healthy mind.

Incidentally, just for your reference, according to Krishna (in Bhagavad Gita), anger is the biggest mental disease and enemy of humanity.

Now, I will explain about “Arjita” (acquired) reasons for the mental disorders and then about the remedies mentioned in the scriptures. (To be continued…)
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