Ancient Indian Secrets to Healthy Mind! 2.0

What are the “Arjita” (earned, acquired, or obtained) reasons for the mental disorders? They are broadly divided into five – Ahara (food), vidyabhyasa (study), maithuna (mating), nidra (sleep) and vyavasaya (job, business – occupational).

(We have discussed Naisargika (Natural or inborn) reasons for the mental disorders in the first part. Link below)

(1) Ahara (Food): According to ancients, the major (from 70-90 percent) reason for mental disorders is food. Ayurveda also says the same.

The Upanishads say that the mind depends upon the food for its formation. “Mind is manufactured out of the food that we take” or “Mind is made up of food” quotes Chandogya Upanishad (6.5.4) saying as the conclusion of the sages’ research.

Quality of mind depends upon the quality of food. Sattvic (fresh produce, freshly prepared) diet calms the mind. Rajasic (over tasty and stimulating food) diet excites the mind. Tamasic (stale or preserved food, pieces of a dead body) diet destroys the mind. Different foods produce different effects in different compartments of the brain, they say.

“When the food is pure, the whole nature becomes pure; when the nature becomes pure, the memory becomes firm” (Chhandogya Upanishad, 7.26.2)

In practical sense, what they say about food is true. For instance, some foods make you constipated. Just observe your performance in the office or outside when you are constipated. To know more about food, search for “Viruddha Ahara” (incompatible foods) in Google. Take care of your food, you will be saved from most of the mental disorders.

(2) As the base scale of life is money today, the sole purpose of education has become ‘making money’. You can’t blame anyone for this. In ancient days, the purpose of education was to develop wisdom and commonsense – which are totally lacking now. You are studying something that is incompatible with your geographical area, language, climate, time zone, etc that would create conflict in ancestral genetic nature.

As also, we are conditioned from childhood with non-sensical beliefs and illogical concepts based upon the religions or cult in which we are born. This won’t allow us to see things objectively or as is. So what we study outside the classroom is also in conflict with the reality of the universe. A conditioned mind – especially with religious moral concepts – will definitely result in a stressful life. If you don’t get scientific and rational education, you are likely to become prone to mental disorders.

(3) Maithuna (mating) is a physical necessity for a human being, the ancients said. If this need is not met properly it can create a lot of mental disorders. That’s why our ancestors insisted on marriage.

Vedic scriptures made it mandatory that only married people – husband and wife – have the right for any sacraments and profession. Unmarried priests were not allowed in temples to perform main offerings to the deity. Almost all great sages were married. There was no coronation allowed for unmarried King. Why? Sex is an important part of our life. Suppressing it will only create the likes of those pervert bachelor priests and Godmen who are involved in sexual scandals.

Ancients calculated a female’s healthy life expectancy roughly as first menstruation into six. If a female gets the first period at the age of 16, she would live healthy (depending on other factors too) 96, they said.

Today, what happens? Thanks to artificial harmonized foods, girls are getting the first period as early as at the age of 7 and develop many systemic diseases when they reach the early 40s. (Similarly among boys, the sperm production starts at a very early stage). They may not die, thanks to modern medicines.

A girl gets her first period at the age of 8 means, according to the biological clock, she is ready to conceive. But according to the social calendar system, she is not. And most of them marry around 25. Hence from the age of 8 to 25, biological she is with the emotions, thoughts, and enzymes, etc which are produced to make her ready for conceiving, and with an urge for maithuna. Just imagine how much conflicts it will create directly and indirectly in the mind? If she is not taught about these aspects scientifically, her life may be ruined. The same goes for boys.

(4) Nidra (Sleep).You know it. A sound sleep will give you a sound mind. According to our ancestors, late sleepers and those who sleep even after sunrise would develop tamasic qualities are guaranteed candidate for mental disorders for himself/herself or the next generation for sure. Ancient health sciences advise us to go to bed early and get up early.

(5) The fourth one – occupational stress. I don’t think anyone needs an explanation here. Everybody knows about such stress (Check previous articles below this timeline or ). Here also money is the sole aim, hence we are not dedicated and devoted to our karma. Everybody knows it creates disorders.

How to manage these mental aberrations?

Take up a diary, note down each thing happening concerning your mind in daily life – be honest to yourself. What food you ate in the morning and how your mind was. What were your concept and belief so far, and how did it conflict with reality? How did you suppress/express your sexual feelings and what’s the reaction of the mind? When did you sleep yesterday, what time you got up? The status of your mind that day. What happened in the office or business place? How did it affect you?

Why should you self-check? There is only one person that can understand you perfectly – that is you. Only you can handle your stress and frustration. And if it is serious, go to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Don’t go to those magicians in the name of Godmen/God women or priests.

“Okay, I understand these things Uday, but whatever happened has happened. We cannot rectify the reasons, whether it is natural or acquired. In that case, what will I do now?” a friend asked me after we discussed these aspects.

“Simple. Tune your life-rhythm according to Sun’s energy. Get up early morning – before 5 AM. Light a lamp in front of your favorite god or Holy book or even your pic (if you don’t believe in god). Go for a walk sometime and be one with the nature around us. Enjoy sunlight. If possible do some yoga or exercise and take rhythmic deep breathes. (Careful, before doing any breathing exercises, consult your doctor, it can damage your lungs and heart). When a thought of “I”, “me” and “mine” comes, replace it with “we” and “us”. Listen to some Vedic chants or songs like Vishnu Sahasranamam. Eat only Sattvik food, Avoid eating or major activities after sunset. If you observe these pointers, almost 70 percent of your mental disorders will be self-rectified on its own in 41 days,” I said.

“If it still persists?”

“Go and consult a decent, professional psychologist instead of Godmen or priests.” (to be concluded)

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