Did Ancient India Invent Internet?

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  1. mohan says:

    The truth is beyond science and science is not just originated by western countries , we do also have contributed in field of science , maths and various technology , but , we Indians did not document the same but we followed in our culture ,our daily activities , and the same was carry forwarding to next generation , and like that indian glory of social, science ,mathematics skill was adopted by their next gen… But after some countries invaded around 600 (approximately)years ago by ( just this many years ago) India was like heaven.. Such as
    1.No dependency with western countries on any of activities ..
    Every one was dependent on each other with in our society , but now no one care for society despite with all electronic media
    2. We were used only metal and mud pot , cotton ,all work doing manually (not used mechines) so there was no pollution, hence our air is pure , and not used any fertilizer ,pesticide in our cultivation, hence our ground water /river is pure water and hence our food is healthy food and we were not eating any junk food.. Hence all theese contributed to good health … So we were not needed hospitals or doctors or medicines etc those years back.. But now , a child will be givenmedicine when there was in 1 month also for various diseases..where India since lost 5000 years never infected such diseases… All the contribution of science is pollution , e-waste bio medical waste , soil pollution , water pollution , air pollution , ppl becoming fat our mobile is becoming slim and smart
    3. No one believe any one in society hence war between each other , each countries

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