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  1. S D Sanjay says:

    Namaste Pai sahab,

    After a long time, your efforts remind me about Uncle Pai of ‘Amar Chitra Katha” the one who made the unknown breed ‘German-shepherd’ an absolute domestic dog named Ranjha…

    Reading your post I am all the more glued to my ‘Shastra’s and Puran’ that only taught us of practicing the most sought after word of today “Sustainability”.

    Minds like you are the bridge between yesterday and today, the role that our grand-parents did once upon a time as today these senior people as you have rightly mentioned; dislike if you address them as uncle/dada, they think and behave like youngsters, many even have young girlfriends, situations have gone so verse that even senior women have young boy friends today.

    The only way out as I understand is minds like you should be marketed and projected as the path makers of “SUSTAINABILITY”


  2. A.S. hariprasad says:

    Yes sir, the body is a vehicle to reach the final destination. One should take care of it by Satvik food, regular exercise and proper sleep to achieve to achieve any thing be it materialistic pleasures or spiritual goal.

  3. Ramesh says:

    I don’t agree to some extend. Almost 98% of the world population is so attached to this materialistic body that they spend their entire life in maintaining and sense gratification.
    Also Bhima had the support of the Almighty otherwise they wouldn’t have won the war given the powerful Bhisma pitamah on the other side…..

  4. Raghavan says:

    It’s really good to know about life beyond.Our duty to mother nature.

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