Why suicide rate is highest among young Indians ?


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  1. Dr.Gopal says:

    Thought provoking and it’s beyond my praise. My salutations to Uday Pal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Udayji,

    I have been revisiting this topic several times since March…. but never got to post anything. I love your articles and have been engaging in some nice conversations with your friends regarding the various topics. We are “survivors of suicide”… The person I lost is my son-in-law. Just about a year after marriage to my daughter. They were happily married. While financial stress and fear of disappointment/failure are the most logical cause for his bad decision to leave us all…. I am still trying to find answers.

    So i have been researching and seeking to know what must have gone wrong within the person to take such an extreme step. I tried reading about karma, life after death, fate, god and all – but all are only general concepts. You have attempted to go beyond generalisation and it would have appealed as good finding, if not for the direct experience of dealing with a suicide right within our roof. It is good to explain why India saw 144000 suicide cases last year. But individually each person left behind is left in dark to cry and struggle to recover in this bad world.

    I console my daughter saying that suicide victim is similar to terminal cancer patient. counselling is like radiation therapy. sometimes it works, sometimes it extends life, sometimes it does not work. It lurks in their brain not showing up. It then suddenly envelopes their brain and takes the away. It is like a disease of the mind which the person had, which we did not know about earlier….. Why and when cancer comes no one knows…. very similar to when suicide force will strike the brain no one knows.

    I am sorry if this comment did not make sense, it would be because I could not share freely about it in public. Never wanted to write here about this, but every time I come to the end… I feel disappointment that it tried to give direction to my thoughts, but yet remains generalised for my traumatised mind right now. I know that each individual case will differ when seen at a personal level. I have consulted physiologists and counsellors who have given their highly customised and perfectly logical reasons for the suicide… but the heart does not seem to come to terms with anything. Sorry for making this very personal sad story on this public blog.

    My sincere apologies for posting with no name. I have given my true email id, and am also on your FB friend list.


    Rajesh Patnaik
    Jul 09, 2012 at 03:06 pm
    Dr Udaylal Pai, your article is good – but did you forget something called “paragraph”? Why are there NO paragraphs in your article? The whole article looks very ugly! It looks like one unending chain of comments and observations – without any differentiations.
    Can u pls rewrite the article and make it look readable with paragraphs, like the way I’ve written below?

    Satish K D
    Jul 10, 2012 at 03:07 pm
    As always, Mr. Pai’s article is very informative. Few days back, I was in an intense debate with a colleague (who is more spiritually inclined than me). While I was talking about personal excellence, he had different views. He told me that the reason we are suffering today (and the reason why many people are resorting to measures like self-injury or suicide) is because we are becoming more and more self-centric. He said, we see ourselves only as an individual, so we attributes our success and failures as only ours (and therefore blame ourselves and get dejected whenever we fail). According to him, we are more than individuals and we must realize that our success and failure is a sum-total of so many things – our family, society, world around us, our karma (past lives and present). So, the results that we get, may not always be to our liking. In such situations, we must not feel let down.
    I liked his views and felt that if we attribute our success and failures to a higher power, the sum total of efforts of the society, parenting, karma, and god’s wish, we will probably understand that if we succeed then all of them succeeded, and if we failed then all of them failed. We are not alone in our success and failure.

    Ram Krishna Kumar R
    Jul 09, 2012 at 11:34 am
    Very good article. We are nowhere now. We left our tradition, but imitating(please note we don’t follow, we just imitate) western and Arabian culture will not take us anywhere. Look at Chinese, look at Germans, look at French…all of them are proud of their culture. They preserve the monuments of their culture. But we, still have a slaves mind to westerners and and fearful to invaders
    When will we learn? When can we see truth beyond political gains? Why have we manipulated our history just for political gain? Now we are getting punishment for what we have done. According to UN report, 40% of death will be from depression. The young Indians are easily depressed – the reasons/ Parenting, parenting and parenting.

    Delphine Pillar
    Jul 13, 2012 at 02:08 pm
    There is great cultural change I believe going on all over the world and as you stated intense pressure to succeed. Hindus are the fastest growing economic group in the world right now. Many times the young ones have to travel far from their roots and families to get jobs or education and this leaves them feeling isolated and in some instances frightened. Plus India like the USA has a clash of various cultures mixing together, different languages, and expectations. Also old and new cultural expectations are difficult to navigate. I believe the children and young people need to feel supported and accepted even when they are not first in there class. Sometimes the most successful people were not necessarily following the normal route or the expectations of others. Critical thinking needs to be learned and children taught how to think, not what to think. Einstien got kicked out of school and changed the world.
    I think this should be part of the school curriculum, teaching about depression , the signs and how to help. There is still a stigma attached to being depressed and having difficulty coping. This needs to change, young people should be encouraged to seek help privately until the stigma is overcome. We have the same problem here. We have in the schools now peer counselors which are trained to assist young people of their own age. It is a service offered and I believe a valuable one which should be instituted in every school and university. It is a difficult transition from childhood to adulthood and all the responsibility that is called for. Probably the stigma and pressure is even greater in India because mental health is still looked on very unfavorably by many. I hope this changes soon, so many of these tragedies could be avoided. Pranam, Delphine
    My work ,much of it has been in mental health.

    Anil Singh
    Jul 14, 2012 at 08:32 am
    Knowledge makes us aware of the various things in existence and their relation to one another. It also helps us in knowing how and why things happen…with the help of which we arrive at certain logical and rationalistic conclusions, opinions and attitude.
    But, as knowledge increases, we may be forced to change our conclusions, opinions and attitude, based on new findings. At this stage we should replace our old conclusions, opinions and attitude, with the new findings….just as we replace old, out dated programs on our computer with the latest versions.
    The three major constituents of the universe are Spirit, Energy and Matter, without the Spiritual Quotient being as developed as the Emotional and the Intelligence quotients,,,knowledge is never complete and disharmony between the head and heart are bound to occur…leading to faulty decisions….

    Erdman West
    Aug 02, 2012 at 05:01 pm
    I am a life long educator of young people in pre-school through college and have come to feel we fall down terribly in not teaching self-knowledge and communication. This should not be left to religion which has it’s own agenda or to families which often are not up to the job or have problems of their own with communication. I believe that people who feel connected and supported by those around them are much less likely to engage in self destructive behaviors. Communication and cooperation are the keys to human success. We are all one.

    Ramesh Shenoy
    Aug 06, 2012 at 01:46 pm
    Yes – we are neither there, nor here. there is conflict between multiple samskaras…the mind is not able to comprehend contradictions…it is natural that youngsters commit suicide.
    But before the thought of suicide, if anybody could make them reading your three articles (Chat with an ex-film star, Are You ENLIGHTENED?, Do You Believe in GOD? etc)
    If somebody is sad or depressed ask them to read this.

    Chandran Methil
    Aug 10, 2012 at 03:33 pm
    In short,there is a crisis of character in vast swathes of our society;-a lack of integrity.Witness the endemic corruption at all levels of society.A tendency to consider all else other than family,relatives,and friends fair game for cheating and exploitation.Nobody lifts a finger to help a person in distress in a public environment.Look at the attitude of the different states towards their neighbours.Politicians that cannot look beyond their noses.300 million people live in utter poverty and degradation in various parts of he country,and this, in a country which has the 3rd largest economy in Asia.Our billionaires living in $billion dollar homes amidst surrounding slums.The list is endless.Surprisingly,one also sees change and development and the country has grown in many ways.This is attributed to the millions of unheard and unreported people who go about their daily lives with courage and determination and under great challenges.
    So,what is really happening and where is the problem.I would put the finger squarely on our Institutional models;-The Administrative services,The Defence Establishment,the Media and the Political process.The first two are relics of Imperial Britain.They were established to serve British interests and not Indian welfare..We have not managed to change their mindset. They have formed a special caste unto themselves and will do their best to maintain their status quo.The same goes for the English Language media,connected as they are to International Capital.Sensationalism and yellow journalism are their watchwords.Anything that gains them increased readership..If we want to become a modern nation,we have to reinvent our Institutions.

    Tincy Mathew
    Jul 09, 2012 at 12:55 pm
    Sir, I have been reading all your blogs. I have good opinions about your blogs and consider as top ten blogs, whichever the way we look at. This also is a very good blog. However, you should have elaborated some points. Even if your blogs tend to be longer, serious readers will read. So please don’t restrict the length. May god bless you to write more and more…

    Rajesh Patnaik
    Jul 09, 2012 at 03:05 pm
    “Our ancient scriptures guide us: “happiness remains in Karma – execution of one’s duty in life… Not in ending the life.”
    Uday Lal Pai, while appreciating your thoughtful and thought-provoking article, I think you are overdoing the Indian Culture bit. That is a specious argument.
    100s & 1000s of books have been written on personality-development, human mind, maturity, spirituality and what not – and are still been written. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the human society has evolved into a super-intelligent and super-spiritual society. Have they? No!
    My message is simple – Human societies cannot be built around such books (including the religious ones too).
    Everyone of us must understand this – NO HUMAN MAKES A CAREER OUT OF SPIRITUALITY! They make careers out of Medicine, Engineering, Computer, Singing, Dancing and what not. Their whole time is devoted to these. And quite rightly so.
    If our schools start subjects on spirituality then children’s bags will become heavier than they. Heavy school bags are a major issue in India. So no one would want that.
    Coming back to the main issue of huge no. of Indian suicides, there are a few REAL reasons behind them.
    In fact, these “real” reasons are also part-n-parcel of Indian Culture! The reasons are:
    1.Social Repression (which includes repressed upbringing of girls)
    2.Social obsession (with academic achievements)
    Boys and girls who are unable to tolerate such repressions and obsessions, feel that there’s no alternative in life. They get nervous and feel worthless and exhibit the “fight or flight” tendency. And the consequence can be suicide!
    The solutions to suicides are non-repressed upbringing of girls (so that they have more say in their lives, with financial independence) and having an open-minded approach towards career (through which people can pursue their “passion” rather than live up to parental expectations).
    The author like all those “devoted” Indian has poked holes in Western culture (in a rather aimless manner). But may I ask a very simple question: Why is it that the Western societies experience extremely low level of suicides? Why?

    Courtesy: http://www.speakingtree.in/public/spiritual-blogs/seekers/wellness/why-suicide-rate-is-highest-among-young-indians

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