Why Am I Not Spiritual?

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  1. GURUMURTHY says:

    why we have to wear bangles ?
    please explain in a scientifically.
    i am asking this for a good cause;
    lot of indians are learning western ; but they dont know the real value;
    so i am requesting sir;
    all ur articles are very nice and has truth behind ;
    gurumurthy from bangalore

  2. dr harimohan says:

    Dear uday
    At last i got into reading one of your posts..i feel i should reread at least two to three times to digest its gist..my group members of sanathana dharma are thanking me a lot for adding the link to ur blog

  3. Nithish Kamath says:

    Wonderful article…i loved it.

  4. aparna shenoy says:

    Do u have any suggestions on hw we can expose more people and future generations to the real history and messages of our sages,the truthand science of vedas upanishads n puranas . If only every Indian knew this truth than following rituals blindly, that its all scientific…

  5. sanjeev says:

    Thanks Uday ji for this wonderful explanation in simple words. You clarified the concept of spirituality.

    Sanjeev Sharda

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