Who Created the Universe? Is There a Creator?

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  1. Mukund says:

    In Srimad Bhagwadham, it’s clearly mentioned about this. Even age of Lord Bhahma is mentioned. All calculations are mentioned clearly. It’s just take some time to understand as measurements are in yojans and time is in various units. We definitely need to appreciate the creator this earth as it’s being created perfectly. Rivers are flowing, Plants are growing, Oceans are remaining in control, Sun is providing required light and energy and so many things.

  2. The author clearly says that it is not possible for us with our limited perception to answer the various questions on creation. The names Vishnu etc were given by our ancients for ease of identification, and if you don’t like, you can give some other name for these forces. According to our ancient scriptures what we see as creation came on its own and IT alone exists as one and many, though differentiated due to ego. The Big Bang Theory says more or less the same thing- that the Universes came on their own. Whether there is a need to give a name to this origin and worship IT, is a matter of individual choice. My explanation may not be fully satisfying, but, as they say ” Why bother to search for the root of the roots?”

  3. anonymous says:

    What is ur reply to the above comment sir..?

  4. Annonymous says:

    how did our ancestors know that billions of years ago itself earth existed? And who created Vishnu? Your article says Brahma is the creator of the cosmos and universe and he came from Vishnu. And he is son of God. So saying Visnu is God, and brahma created everything in the universe and who created Vishnu and all the pancha bootham’s? Who is our ancestors how do they even comes up with these kind of unbelievable stories.? According to Thorah and Bible earth was created around 6000 years. How does our ancestors know all of these God’s name?

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