What’s Brahmam? Is it scientific?

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  1. Sudharsshan S Mohan says:

    Regarding Brahmam, one passuram from Nammalwar comes to mind which explains the nature of the Brahmam from the eye of the believer.

    uLan enil uLan avan uruvam ivvuruvugaL
    uLan alan enil avan aruvam ivvaruvugaL
    uLan ena ilan ena ivai guNam udaimaiyil
    uLan iru thagailmaiyodu ozhivilan paranthE !!

  2. Ramapriya Krishnamurthy says:

    Dear Udayji,

    Good discussion, as per my understanding attributes of Brahman is listed in Vishnusahasranama. Whatever extent one understands Vishnusahasranama (each and every name has minimum 100 meanings) so much that person probably can understand about Brahman!

    Your thoughts on this please.


  3. Narender rao saineni says:

    Sir ,
    in this article u have written decibels in place of hz. pls correct.

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