Was Mahishasura Mardini a Sex Worker?

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  1. harihara says:

    Mahishamardini is the shuddhachatanya the supreme knowledge , that is infinite energy appearing from the great light of knowledge , being the sum of all brings and entities and beyond , to quell the ahankata or arrogance within itself personified as mahisha. Meditating on this energy hps us to conquer ego which while causing misery to fellow beings , prevents tgd search for true happiness. ..enduring . Happiness of the self in itself .called bliss. SHE is beyond any logic . Even if one trirs ti apply the logicbof agnysna SHE cannot be construed as prostitute who gives only sensory pleasure for money. SHE gives bliss against devotion by giving peace and sadgati. One must read and understand at least the prathamacharita charita of Durgasaptashati and munch over the meaning to realize the giving nature of Durga . She helps one to conquer false ego- mahisha, foolishness shumbha, consumption -raktabeeja, carrlessness-dhumralochana, obstinacy-chanda, laziness- madhukaitabha. Prostitutes give momentary physical pleasure and may be pain in body and mind later. DEVI is mother , selfless and do gooder always.. may SHE bless such ill informed questioners and lift them to light from darkness

  2. Rintesh Roy says:

    Good article. Thanks.


    sahi bat lagta hai. hamlog arwal bihar me sahadat divas manane ja rahe hain.

  4. Sajoy Menon says:

    There is a lot to be gleaned from your site. I am a proud Hindu and (not the aggressive militant variety) eager to learn and impart what little I know to my child and whoever else who may be interested, because we belong to the oldest extant belief system and the only one which has any promise for mankind to remain humane and the only one which has the strength to encompass whatever the future holds for us. Thank you so much for your efforts!!

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