Vedas Do NOT Talk About Killing or Eating Cow Meat (Beef)!

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  1. Syed says:

    This shows your pilghit nothing else

  2. Ananth says:


    I have sent you compelete Manusmirithi with sanskrit and English transalation,Please could you comment.

  3. Divyank says:

    That’s how I can say that India was a Dravidian contry and follower of Shiva or rishabha , that’s how a pure vegetarian and non violent culture begn in oldest India even thousands year before of Rama .
    This started by rishbha , the shiva
    It cntinuos in perioud of Rama and Krishna (5000 year ago)
    Then before 3500 -4000 years Aryans came and they changed the whole concepts.people start forgetting old principles because they were so difficult too follow and killing a goat is so easy ..
    Easily u can kill a goat with sword and rest and watch dream of heven ,
    That’s why people become voilent anfld left performing yoga and tapsya ,
    They starting bathing in ganga, doing sraddh, mundan and all other fake and easy tasks insteat of strict vagiterianism and ahimsa
    That’s how India became a hell
    Then great people born like parshvanarha. Mahaveera, Buddha
    And made India again a animal lover, nature lover, non voilent , vegiterian contry
    Thanks to them and great namaskaar
    Thanks a lot Jainism and buddhism to make us proud and indian , shrama and even Brahmin culture clean like water

    • Abhishek Ghosh says:

      I am not agree your aryan view. But you said about shiva. And he has a bull name Nandi. That’s show that shiva devotee can’t eat beef

  4. Divyank says:

    Shiva and Jain’s rishabha was one god
    1. Both called trilochna in puranas
    2.birth date of bith is shiv ratri
    3.both perform yoga and always sit in padmasana

    4. Both called naked god and jungle god in puranas
    5. Kesar is holy for both

    6. Coconut not allowed to break for both
    7.both called keshi or jatadhari

  5. Divyank says:

    Brother read Vedas first
    There is a clear mention that India eat the meat of cow ..
    And your question that why you and other Brahmin don’t eat meat now .
    The credit goes to criticizing people of Vedas before 2500 years like parshvanatha and mahaveera and Buddha
    Becoz of then you Brahmins become vegitarian
    Ram never eat meat and never Krishna bciz they were not Brahmin , they were Kshatriya of shraman culture , which is so old of Brahmin culture , enough evidence found in Indus valley civilization ,
    You and other Brahmin are not indian and Hindu
    Before 3500 years many Aryans came in India and killed the people used to live here , they were Dravidian.
    They were follower of Shiva and shraman culture . Rama and Krishna were never aryan , they were Dravidian they follow shramanuc tradition which is strict vagiterian and non violent, but aryan were not like that .. They accept Shiva but messed but with rudra .. Their god that’s why Shiva in Shiva purana and rudra in rig Veda seems so much difference , rudra is god of destruction and god of tornado , and Shiva is god of supreme soul and strict yogi .. Both are diffrent
    And Aryans used to afraid of nature and make nature gods like Indra a rain , Arun a water , varun a wind , rudra a tornado. Just because they afraid of nature they used sacrifice many animals like horse in ashvamegha , cow and ox, and goat , .. But as time passes they accept Shiva and many Dravidian god and made up false stories about them like Rama did ashvamegha which is wrong . Rama never did ashvamegha , even that time horse was not been come in south Asia according to moden science and archeology
    Aryans become night class in 1000 years passed .. They started castism and call dravudian sudra.
    And they never sudra and other caste allow to read Vedas .
    Becase un Vedas there were clear porno graphy and cruel rituals
    As time passes three bid old shramanic person born 1.parshvanatha,2.mahaveer,3.buddha
    They stop all Bali , non vegiterianism
    As time passes Brahmin also stop eating meats ,
    There is clear refrence in rig Veda that a Brahmin who don’t eat meat goes to hell
    “dis apearing of Bali and non vegiterism in Brahmins goes to Jainism “said swami Vivekananda in his book
    Now u tell me u r what u r is becoz of jains and mahaveera and buddha

  6. Shweta says:

    sorry….Uttar Ramayan nahi…. “Balmiki Ramayan” according to Amish Tripathi …

  7. Shweta says:

    sir, i’ve read a news recently on bbc where writer Amish Tripathi is saying Ram used to eat meat and it’s mentioned in the Uttar Ramayana….which he found out while researching!
    What would you say on this?

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