The Secret of Krishna’s Birth

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18 Responses

  1. Shikhar says:

    Sir,your article is splendid!!! and the way you explained it, I can eaisly feel how Dhritrashtra would have felt when Sanjaya would have been narrating Mahabharat to him…..Thanks a lot sir, magnaficent job sir….keep it up.

  2. Steve says:

    I am a ‘new’ Hindu (Sanatana Dharma) follower. I am an American man, 56 yrs. old. I have been studying profusely for the past few months. I have been studying Vedanta, and have read the Holy Gita 3 times now, and several commentaries as well. I find your article extremely interesting and would like to learn more, or hear more of your understandings. I believe that the truth cannot be buried. That the Aryan migration/invasion is a lie propagated by the foreigners and that Brahman is the only reality. Thank you for posting this bit of wisdom!

  3. Dr.Umesh says:

    Sir,Thank you for the profound permit me to download ur articles as I wish to immerse &understand it fully

  4. Priya panday says:

    Beautiful explanation of memories of our darling Krishna

  5. arul balaji says:

    Dear Uday sir

    you have created a great soul linking script with this article… It is highly thought provoking

    Thank you for triggering my mind

  6. videsh says:

    Jai shree krishna

  7. dr.himani says:

    Thnks udayji,the way u explained n the insight is realy fascinating connecting us ourselves,pauranic stories r like drishtant,which seems intrsting with great sense n essance of life..we। All r not at higher intelectual levels as that of our great sages,incapabl to understand। N experienc the paramtatav ,so they made us undersrtand This knowledge by all these beautiful n intrsting stories..

  8. Vibhas says:

    Dear Raj,
    I could have typed the answer to your comment myself but I am sure you would trust Wikipedia more. So here’s a link that you might want to refer to understand what Uday has mentioned here.
    Also, you must be excited to read a line on this page which mentions about the same thing what you said… words aligning with today’s scientific terms.

  9. Raj Agrawal says:

    Still not satisfied with ur explanation or vision. Till date i heard Anant Mahasagar but now u renamed it as Milky Ocean just to realine with today’s scientific terms…. thats too bad of u…u too like of of those baba n shadhu.

  10. siddaraju says:

    well said …
    thank you

  11. karishma c jain says:

    may i know the meaning of the other 3 names Patanga, Ksudrabhrta and Ghrni. thank you

  12. Deepanshu Bhardwaj says:

    Will love to meet you someday sir 🙂

  13. P M Bhat says:

    Well explained . Thank you

  14. Premalatha Pai says:

    Thank you for the total Enlightenment… I am a devotee of Lord Krishna… But I didn’t have this scientific explanation of His Avatar… Thank You so much ????

  15. sahanaa samanth says:

    really its true giving the scientific reasons where we could explain the kids both puranas and the reason of science

  16. Ilaval hariharan says:

    It is indeed a clean n clear explananation of d meaning of Krishna n a new dimension in opening d awareness of d mind. I
    Thank u n d god for giving d opportunity n creating d same for me to read n get enlightened.

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