The Fascist Killers – The Politics of Violence and Massacre

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3 Responses

  1. krishna says:

    History is to be read in its perception . India we now was never a single country or kingdom with its political borders. South, there were kings who had won countries in sumithra, Tailand and sri.Lanka. Some other king in the western shore attacked the island in Indian ocean. Again, we had our own internal wars and no kingdom was unified into one nation. Please read the history . When you really want to grow. Travel with a vision about the future .Never brag about the Vedic period and Idihasa period and tell we shall go back.

  2. Vinod Kumar Bhakta says:

    The Indians own greed for power, land, kingdom, in Mahabharat, and most were competing with each other, kingdoms fighting, cousins after inheritance, relatives and friends egotistically against each other, the latter 3 is still common amongst Indian which seriously needs to be given up.

  3. Vinod Kumar Bhakta says:

    The reason why India has not attacked or looted any other country, is because mankind earthly journey starts from India, is based on India, for example the Mahabharat is fought in India, Pandavas, Kauravas, and the likes of Karna who did not gain chance or benefit in India. All had an equal chance to the throne. the 3 represent the start of mnakinds journey, divided in 3 groups, which is East, Middle and West. Karna is West. Today you see the same but reversed, the west is powerful, middle is beaten, the east was deprived of chance, benefit in the current age, later called the third world country, now called the developing country. So the question is why was India invaded is simply the Karma consequences of what happened in its own Land and migration out of India started with first the Egyptians, then Troy, Greeks, Latin, Europe and so on, they are all descended from India 5000 years ago and as the noble warriors were winners in the ancient times, today they have paid the karma consequence of winning. So India is an illusive term, just like orgs and religions are, and the truth is spiritual, Atma. its Atma journey in the human body, each having its turn, all subject to joy and grief,win and lose and deprivation. Look at Arjuna’s life, considered Indra putra, son of Indra, but today you would see the same character as Pandu Putra, this would be seen by some narrow un learned Indians as Son of a weak man and would not be perceived as Son of a strong mother. So the pleasure and heaven written for Arjuna also writes for him the pain to follow in another life, in the current century Kalyug time. Karna would probably likened to junior president Bush today.

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