The ‘Bleeding’ Issue: Sabarimala Temple Ban for Women!

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  1. Ramesh Chaturvedi says:

    Ranganathan or are you truly masquerading under that name? I wonder! Dharma Sastha worship has not been there for only 50 years.Ayyappan has been a village deity, like Mariamman, Karuppan etc and consequently has not been seen in Vedic literature though South Indian saints have Sanskrit verses discussing the Ayyappan/Sashtha murthis. Devaram Divyaprabandham are exclusive for Shiva and Vishnu worship even Skandha,Ganapathi do not get detailed mention in them. Thyagaraja’s iritis exclusively devote to Sri Rama and Nathathanumanisam is only exclusion on Shiva. Dikshithar’s compositions on Shanmatha worship and also 9 planets apart from exclusive temples, it doesn’t exclude Dharmasastha worship because he did not compose Krithis. Shyama Sasthri sang exclusive on Sri Kamakshi it doesn’t mean that other Deities do not exists.

  2. Aditya says:

    Very good, fair and realistic explanation. Sir, can you please throw light on recent controversies related to Shani Shingnapur and Mahalaxmi temple in Kolhapur.

  3. param says:

    honest and fair analysis.

  4. Kompella sarma says:

    First of all ayyapa is not God as per sastra/ vedas. This i am saying after I confirm with best scholars in Veda and prominent mutts, I don’t want to name them in public, because I don’t want them to drag.

    Even any Purna mentioned this story. I also know trustees of ayyapa asked to write book to support their arguments. One of them is my relative. He also agree privately what he written is not exact supported by references.

    So rest is not applicable.

  5. R.Ramaswami says:

    A beautifully written and thought provoking post. It has become a fashion now, to approach Supreme Court for each and everything on Hindu Rituals and customs. They differ from Region to Region, from State to State and from District to District. You cannot quote Constitution for each and everything. If you do not want to follow those customs and rituals, you are free. But do not question them. Beliefs are beyond Constitution.

  6. Rajeev E says:


  7. V.Ranganathan says:

    I wanted to know the followings! please anybody could clear these Questions?

    1.Ayyappa worshiping is practiced by the south Indians only, but not worshiped by the other Indian people why?
    2.About 50 years back this much of people of Tamil Nadu were not worshiping the Ayyappa-Why?
    3.Any Nayanmar did sing in their Periapuranam about Ayyappan?
    4.Any Alzhwar did say in their 4000 prabandam about Ayyappan?
    5.Any version can we see in Bhagawat geetha, shrimad Bhagawatam,Ramayana of vaalmeeky or Kamban and srimahabharatham?

    Any of Four Veda is there, some samhita quoting about sri Ayyappa?
    6.Is there any Ayyappa Krities of St Tyagaraja,purandaradasa, shyama shastrigal, Muthuswamy dikshidar?
    7. Any Tamil litr. or Thevara- thiruvasakam shows about sri Ayyappan?
    8. Bharatiar-Bharatidasan etc did say something about Ayyappan?

    I would be great full if above questions answered by some one with suitable references.

  8. Radhika says:

    Interesting read. Every argument made by Hindu patriarchy so far is sabotaged thru’ logical reasoning.. ???? brilliant and thank you.. And now you are trying to put forth a new set of arguments – equally patriarchal – one is based on a romanticism and another is worrying about safety and with a threat of cyber porn – with an fertile imagination of women clad in white saris emerging from pamba after a bath getting sandwiched between half naked male bodies starving from 41 days of abstinence.. Sorry to say it sounds as squalid as the arguments you called illogical and idiotic.. ????

    • Ananth says:

      Please let me know what made you to think his arguments are illogical. Can you please elaborate.If you are disagreeing with what he said,I think you can elaborate.Name calling of “illogical or idiotic”. As he said the story of maalikapurathamma is part of belief system.If you disagree that,You have to disagree with whole Ayyappa belief system.

  9. Lakshmi Narasimhan says:

    Nice Explanation , Kudos to Pai Ji

  10. Kavitha says:

    Dear Uday Sir. Namaste and wishing you good Health.
    Very nice compiling sir. Sometimes I worry what happens to our country, with so many things like corruption, miss- utilizing authority, power greed, half knowledged and misinterpreted decisions taken by authorities like this one. (Apart from directly impacting religious hatred, crime and war) . I wish there is consultant like you in every department of the government. I guess they do get research done before taking any such decisions, but not sure what’s going on wrong there.

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