Story of a Mother’s Curse !

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  1. N.G.Somashekar says:

    Please rush me a book why am I a Hindu through vpp post / or please confirm the cost of the book and place of availability.

  2. N G R Swamy says:

    Mr. Uday, l think it is a cooked up story. You are a devil’s incarnate to cook up such a story about a mother. I hope you have not treated your mother the same way.

  3. suvarana pawar says:

    Hearttouch example it’s very grateful story
    All Time we blame chilldren

  4. suvarana pawar says:

    Hearttouch example it’s very grateful story
    All Time we blame children but
    All Time fact is not same
    Goood uday……

  5. Arcanjoe Almeida says:

    Mr. Udaypaiji…

    You are really awesome person… Superb… Superb… Really I am speechless…. Hats off to you..

    Life can really be simple and sweet if V all fellow simple rules which God Almighty has given us…

    I am speechless.



  6. Jay says:

    Just awesome… I feel proud about my parents who raised us with all best examples from our own dignified culture and introduced us to Good and Bad with acceptable theories of examples. One has to introspect when they want to make any statement which they don’t deserve. Awesome experience after a long time.

    I would like to share with your permission.

  7. Sri says:

    Great eye opener

  8. karthik says:

    I understand the limitations that you may want the old parents to be taken care well with assistance from old age homes..

    It is also the responsibility of the children to think what is right and what is wrong. Its really not impossible, to go and visit parents once a while, gift them few fruits, nuts where ever you are.

    I think its not possible to do what is done but to do more is, something children can always do.. They have their own thinking and knowledge. I some how felt the way mother was convinced here was wrong. Instead, children should be educated about supporting parents when they are aged and support emotionally.

    Inspite of teaching these things, in todays world children are unable to take care of old parents. But convincing a old parent that you are getting back what you did is not right

  9. L V Nayak says:

    You are doing yeomen service.

  10. Mahesh says:

    excellent, many dimensions to understand a single situation.

  11. The Dark Knight says:

    I think you must have done the same thing to your mother. So you are trying to justify yourself. There are orphans who learn the values of life by themselves. The schools have separate classes for moral science which teaches the importance of dharma and the duty which the children have towards their parents. The children need not be taught that their parents struggle for them. If they do not understand the struggles which their parents put in for them, they are unfit to be called human beings. Only people who are slaves to their marriage and wife would do this to their mother who struggled for them. Please do not justify such acts. Would you apply the same principle to your mother in law?

  12. Vgk murthy says:

    Pl offer your answer to my request proposal

  13. Vgk murthy says:

    I am completely impressed with the narration of story , mother’s curse ,
    Can I share and post it in Facebook and its allied groups to get read
    Circulated among my favourite and regular readers

  14. Dr K G Bhat says:

    You have really argued positively .I always tell my wife about our duty towards our children .And out of the well performed duty you get the reward or other wise .

  15. Natraj says:

    Different view point altogether

  16. Geeta Shenoy says:

    Tears rolled out my eyes after reading this heart touching real life incident. This is an eyeopener to many mothers who nowadays are more inclined to bring up their children to be materially successful but with no moral values. Its the duty of every mother,father,whosoever responsible for the upbringing of the child to instil some morals so that they become a worthy individual in future…….

  17. Hema says:

    Really this was an eye opener …

  18. Sanjay Shukla says:

    Quite an insightful article. Made me introspect. Keep it up

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