Shocking Truth: Role of RSS, Congress and Communists in Gandhi Assassination

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4 Responses

  1. Shiladitya Gupta says:

    This is a bullshit article.

  2. S kKundra says:

    the biggest beneficiary of the death of indira gandhi was CONGRESS. BJP got only 2 seats in 1984 elections.Even in 1991 elections ,had rajiv not died ,congress could have been the results of the seats where the polling took place pre and post assasination.Congress is the world champion in getting emotive sympathy continues to encash that trait even now.

  3. dk says:

    Who benefitted by the murder , if this is the criteria , who benefitted by murder of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi? It is only bjp and RSS . Today it is proven.
    Does it mean they were behind these murders.

  4. K v krishna says:

    If BJP or janasangh which is established by the then RSS leaders is not at all responsible how other parties are responsible for Gandhis murder. Mr Pai, do not weave web of words to plead the case of janasangh or RSS . Truth in a society is what people in general believed at that time. For that matter if we do not accept truth and rely on court judgements which rely on facts brought before the court rather than truth , we will be doing great injustice to history . Our culture or Hindu religion has lot of contradictory stories and we have kings, ma third, purohits who are pious and equal no of hypocritical persons including traitors. For that matter every society has such history. It will be foolish to be proud of everything in ones own caste , religion,culture as that negates the necessity of reforms and refinement. It is a fact that history is written by those in power and to that extent history is in the hands of those in power.

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