Problems Arise from Stupidity. And Instant Happiness!

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2 Responses

  1. gomathy says:

    wow nice. This story explains my mental state and lalji thank you for the solution

  2. dinesh says:

    Hello Udaiji,
    Not sure why you are so skeptical about astrology..i remember reading one of your posts on your past life and astrological prediction was that article you did not bother to comment on astrology
    agreed that there are many fraud astrologers in the market just like many ayurvedic doctors you mentioned in your previous posts.
    As you found out an authentic ayurvedic doctor,there are many authentic astrological gurus and spirtual leaders who are expert in astrology.
    and just like any science where some theories go wrong,astrological predictions may also sometimes go is the problem of the astrologer/scientist, if the theory is incorrect and not of astrology.

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