Positive thinking: A pseudo-scientific con!

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2 Responses

  1. H M Dayananda says:

    absolutely brilliant sir,From now onwards I can guide some people..

  2. anna says:

    May I copy and send this article on positive thinking to a therapist I work with on line. I can also contact you on FB and introduce you to him.
    I am so glad to have come across what you have written on Postive thinking. the person I want to send it to does NOT go for positive thinking either.

    for a while I was studying to become a life coach with a person who uses Positive thinking principles. He uses the book THE SECRET. I have seen the movie few times and immediately found it to be non sense and why so many people think that they can think themselves into owning a certain car or home seemed ludicrous to me. Yet,..many of my contemporaries were following, and still are following The Secret and doing constant affirmations. so I am happy to read your opinion. Anna

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