Mind Your Mind

Brain“Sir…Please help me, I am in a big tension…I am getting panic attacks….” A call around 1.30 AM yesterday. I am a poor sleeper who had been sleeping for 3-4 hours a day for the last 30 years! Recently I enjoy luxury of sleeping for around 5 hours a day. This call from UAE was really irritating as I lost my precious sleep.

“Brother, you need help of a psychiatrist or psychologist. I am not that….” I said.

“No Sir, I have read your articles ‘Chat with film star’, ‘Do you feel insecure’ and ‘Bye-bye positive thinking’…I was getting solace from them…I am very much obliged to you sir…” (Articles in http://udaypai.in/)

“That’s why did you call me at this time?”

He didn’t understand my arrogance. “Yes sir…” he replied very honestly.

“Mathew (not real name), there is a sign board near my house showing direction to MG Road. We have to see the direction and go to destination. The board won’t go…I am just a writer. I write about my experiences in life…If you read it and get something useful from it, that’s well and good. But I didn’t give you any paid service to bother me like this,” I said very curtly.

“Sir- you are the only person I can depend on now…You said you would be available for those who seek…”

“Yes- in my free time only…” I make sure that I reply to each and every letter and messages that I get everyday – I spend nearly two hours a day for that. I spend more time on somebody, only if I feel it intuitively. Otherwise, I have my other karma too.

“Sir – please…it is regarding my family…” he went on explaining. It is a bit complicated story – but the issue is that at present he is so tensed and experiencing extreme anxiety.
I became normal. I already have lost my sleep. He is a computer guy. He needs medicine right now. He is not willing for it…The only thing I can try doing is some sort of deviation technique.

“OK Mathew, where are you now?”

“I am outside the flat Sir, in the garden…”

“Ok, keep the phone down somewhere, close your eyes and walk. Count up to 500…”I said.

He called me after few minutes: “Sir…”

“What happened?”

“Sir, I hit in many places, fell down twice and my right feet thumb has got hurt…” I understood that he was a bit relieved from his tension as his focus was deviated.

“That means if you close your eyes, you are not able to walk properly….”


“Leg is a body organ”


“So is your brain…Please understand YOUR BRAIN IS JUST AN ORGAN…You have a laptop, right?”


“Just like the software programs loaded in the laptop, your brain is filled with various programs that entered as inputs from your childhood. Your brain is conditioned with those inputs or programs. Mind is the operating system (OS) of the brain. Mind is also thought producing factory. It produces files and files of thoughts… Why should you trust thoughts coming from such a conditioned brain?”


“I said mind or brain is just another organ that produces thoughts. Your leg is an organ used for walking. But with closed eyes you couldn’t walk. You need eyes to see…Similarly, if you don’t see your thoughts properly, it will create hurts, hits and falls.”

“How to see it?”

“DON’T TRUST YOUR THOUGHTS. Those are just thoughts produced by a thought producing organ called your conditioned brain. Your laptop needs wireless connectivity with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get real on time Google map, right? Similarly, to see your thoughts properly, your brain needs to get connected. Here the ISP is known as collective consciousness or cosmic energy or divine power or Gods, whatever – whichever – an ISP that gives you such a free Wi-FI service…” I laughed

“How to do it sir?” his sounded more enthusiastic and better.

“There is a Wireless Networking Software in you. That’s known as ‘surrendering program’. Leave everything to God. God has better wisdom than your rubbish brain. Don’t trust your thoughts. Especially, when you are anxious, don’t trust the poor logic presented by baseless thoughts from your disturbed brain…”

I told him to pray to his God’s mother (he believes in Jesus Christ), leave things to her and go to sleep. Everything will be alright, I said. What else can I do? However, today morning he called me again to say thanks – that trick worked! He said he was relaxed and went to bed with almost calm mind.

I got the idea of surrender to the feet of God’s mother from the following phrase:

“Aapathim kim karaneeyam?” (What will you do in a clear and present danger?)
“Smaraneeyam charanayugalamambaya” (Think about Goddess Durga’s (Mothers) feet)

When people like Mathew calls me, sometimes I advise them to recite a moola mantra (any mantra that comes to my mind that time) depending upon the situation – and to my surprise, it works in 100% cases. There is no scientific proof for the power of mantra. But there is no scientific proof for the existence of God too!

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