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4 Responses

  1. Nehal Ahmed says:

    Sir i hv gone through your article. Its very nicely written until the last line of the whole article. “Even the Asura (demon ) are accepted as a part of our culture “. And in this one particular one line you have made a Dravidian an aborigines of South India as demon, giant ,ogre and you declared yourself Aryan of pure race… angel. Come out of such biased mind set Sir.
    With love
    Dhanbad, Jharkhand

    • Chintan says:

      There is no Aryan Dravidian divide. It is a concept developed by foreign invaders to divide and make us fight, which is still going on. The word Arya means noble or righteous person. There was no Aryan or Dravidian clan or people. With latest DNA findings it has been proved all indians (north and south indians) belong to same genetic ancestors. South Indians are neither Asuras nor Dravidians.

  2. Jeeja Nambiar says:

    Sir, Your article is well written, my understanding also is in the similar way. But how many Hindu beleivers have this understanding, forget about communists.

  3. Venkatesh S says:

    I fully endorse your views about Sanatan Dharma and wish to enlighten myself more through your scholarly articles. Do you have a facebook profile i can follow ?

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