Krishna Reloaded. Bhagavad Gita Ver 2.0!

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  1. Murali Parameshwaran says:


  2. krishna sevak says:

    In ISCKON gita… this is stated that krishna urged Arjun for war and kill all the adharmees and Arjun was faint hearted, resulting him to forget his kshatriya dharma. Honestly I dont know whom to trust anymore. Every sect is doin their own thing, making god their property.
    Hare krishna

  3. Prashant Malik says:

    Sir, still some doubts remain:
    1) Was gita not told by krishna to arjun bcoz he was lamenting on seeing his relatives on battlefield, If not then why did krishna told gita to arjun?
    2)If krishna was not telling arjun to wage war against his relatives then what did krishna meant by telling gita to arjun, what was the real expectation from arjun?{I agree that krishna doesn’t support violence(Anger etc.), but what was the expectation?}

    Please help me out!!

    • Vishwas says:

      Hi Prashant – these are questions which would strike to any common man.
      1. There are 3 Geethas : 1. Bhaghavadgeetha, 2. Uddhava Geetha & 3. Anugeetha
      All the 3 are told by Krishna himself. Bhaghavadgeetha & Anugeetha was told to Arjuna and Uddhava Geetha is told to Uddhava.
      2. The Mahabharata war is Good against the Bad. Krishna was explaining to Arjuna to do his duty as he is a Kshatriya (Warrior). For Arjuna is just in instrument in the warfield. Krishna himself is the creator & the destroyer. This is what was shown through Vishwarupa Darshana. He explained that the soul is immortal. Don’t cry for the body which is not yours.
      Also the jest of Mahabharata to a common man is – In every human being there will be Good (Pandavas) & evil (Kauravas), but we have give our mind to Krishna (Charioteer) who will lead to the correct path of Dharma.

      • Mehul says:

        Please read the article carefully before commenting that it is a war between good and evil. Mahabharata is written on a much broader context just as Gita. Kauravas were not the evil and neither were the pandus good. It is the war of dharma vs adharma and that being said, there was adharma in pandava camp as well. Krishna is asking to fight the evil within ourselves and perform our duties.

  4. Sushmita says:

    Uday Ji
    Thank you for such a nice article.
    Please continue to explain common people like this.

  5. Prashant Malik says:

    Great explanation sir! Removed my doubts too.

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