Global Warming – The Curse of Indian Pagans or Animists or Hindus?

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  1. mani says:

    Good article. Thank you sir. I was traveling from US back home after six years, to India; went to Kasi Rameshwaram trichy and Tirupathi primarily for pitri tharpana and sradha rituals for my parents. I did so some 20 years ago, yet wanted to do it again at my old age of 74 – not knowing if I could revisit Ganga again in my life! I did and could see divinity each event around me, at every situation and I liked every moment of my life there, but was unhappy that even Vedic pundits who conducted ceremonies for me at Hanuman Ghat, (charging me enormous price tags of course!) along with the common men, the pilgrims at the Ghats the busy dhobi, milkman with buffaloes etc., all disrespected the holy river. All waded through next to me as I was offering my prayers to Gangaji; of course the humans spat from their mouths all the excess betal juices, pan remnants, briskly washing their bodies with soaps or shampoos -imported ones, perhaps with tallow in them-? Then there was the Mother Therasa social service wing at the shore who kept a vigil with their health clinic of sorts to attend to foreign visitors thronging the shores of Gangaji.

    I did not hesitate to sip the holy Ganga river water despite seeing all around me and the cruelty of men sullying the pure river. My health did not suffer and instead it is even better after the visit.
    I still feel the average Indian respects and adores the Ganges? Why this kind of apathy continues as I wondered at the burning of bodies continued nearby the Harischandra Ghat..


  2. RK Sharma says:

    Great article and next generation as well as present generation should learn from it. My parents planted few trees and protected them for greenery in environment, but now trees were cut off by corrupt contractors without any sense and ironically they wanted bribe to spare trees, when trees are not causing blockage, no road is being constructed, what is the harm in few well maintained trees? People want concrete everywhere.

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