Does the Human Mind Possess Any “Super Powers”?

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6 Responses

  1. Chandrika says:

    Hi Uday!
    I am regularly following ur articles.but while reading above article one doubt crossed my mind.. Why do we do fasting???

  2. V Raman says:

    Dear Uday ji,

    it is true. We know so much and so on. But when it comes to practice?
    Your articles are full of wisdom.
    I know i am not competent to comment on them.
    I love them so far i read them.
    I try to practice to the extent possible.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sir, At your suggestion I read your article above. I can’t say I have understood fully, neither do I feel it has answered my question. I am definitely amazed at the depth and width of your knowledge and reasoning.. Yet,Sir, you are humble in saying you are not knowledgeable or competent.- MKA

    • M K Anantha Swamy says:

      Sir, my remarks, quoted above is not about the article ” Does human mind have Super powers ” it looks like I was referring t some ther article of yours. MKA

  4. Aztec says:

    Hello Sir , it was educating reading your articles until I stumbled upon this one. Would you be kind enough to let me know of any scientific research that has established Non Veg food results in poor memory or brain activity ? Contrary to what you might be bent on thinking but I’m pretty content with awesome veg & non veg, just intrigued .


  5. Dear Udai,
    I’m into the business of child development and conduct brain stimulation activities for kids using auditory, visual and kinesthetic modes. Some of your articles are interesting and I’m keen to know more. Let me know if we can meet up and evaluate the possibility of working together for a mutual benefit.

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