Controlling the Mind, What a Funny Idea Sirjee?

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2 Responses

  1. Dhanashree Rane says:

    Thanks for helping me to understand various concepts & its practicalities. Going to read all the articles one by one. Hope they will help me in coming out of my phobias & inhibitions in practical way.

    I like the idea of digits at end. Simple way to learn how carefully one reads.

  2. samar says:

    hello udai,, i have been into ur blog from a long time. i like ur perception of things. coming to this article what guruji has said i too disagree upto an extent.. and what u hv said at one point m afraid but m not convinced. u said to be happy in both the world. but is it possibl to get happiness in both the side for an average man?? if he/she can then actually that person has to be above intellect. i blv so, cz what materialism gives is pain wen we lose it.that is mind full of things, and wat spirituality gives is empty mind. if sum1 can have this capacity to stay happy on both the states of mind then he or she has to be the god… i personaly blv to take just one side and practice doing that whether it is materialism or spiritualism…

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