Can Anybody Predict Your Future?

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4 Responses

  1. Manohar Pandit says:

    Sir your observation is good. Your basics are right. Therefore your inferences are logical and with a flavour of truthfulness towards yourself. Which may or may not been the truth in totality but being true to yourself is a great character.

  2. vanita says:

    sir i read your blogs regarding astrology and this one too. there is so much logic in the things you say. it has inspired me a lot.

  3. Autar Bhat says:

    This is for the first time that i have read your blogs.Certainly helpful in understanding the phases that one is undergoing in life at particular time.God bless you.Keep on doing the good work of spreading enlightenment.

  4. Anshul says:

    I have read so many articles and talks wearing almost 1 shubh (pious)stone/finger 🙂
    Its really hard for mind not to hold onto those crutches/conditioning
    What is liberating is to believe and surrender completely.Mind and its perceptions can only frighten you until the time you are in a corner.All one needs to do is stare back(sans anger/fear/ego) and say
    “Lets Play!”

    A BIG THANKS for writing this much appreciated.

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