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  1. Monty says:

    Hello There. I founhd your blog the use off msn. This is a really well written article.
    I’ll make sure to read more of Dharmic information. Thank
    you for the post. I will definitely comeback.

  2. Vishwanatha Reddy says:

    Sir, if possible please post an article about the plight of primary education system in India where private institutions have made education a lucrative business.

  3. Vishwanatha Reddy says:

    I agree with you. But there are still many good doctors too. Some times I guess, just like a police needs lot of tools and scenarios to investigate a crime scene, doctors may also need several tests to diagonise a decease.

    I have experienced the hospitals hunger for money couple of times myself. I have kidney stone trouble and once I got terrible stomach ache and by the symptoms I knew it was a kidney stone. But just to get some pain killers before I could go to a big hospital the next morning, I went to a local doctor and got myself examined and he too thought it could be kidney stones and gave me some preliminary medicines which could ease the flow of urine so that the stones go out by themselves in urine, but he also suggested a ultra sound scanning in any of the bigger hospitals. I took the medicine and went to a nearby big hospital next day. By then the pain had completely gone away (probably due to the medicine given by the local doctor and drinking lots of water and tender coconut, just to increase the flow of urine. But still I went through the scan. The doctor in that big hospital, saw the scan and told me that there are no kidney stones, but he said he suspects there could be gallstones in the gall bladder. He suggested I get operated to remove the gall bladder itself since it is a useless organ in human body. He said if the gall bladder is completely blocked by the gall stones, it could be life threatening. I was totally confused as to what to do, I sure did not want to go through the surgery for such a silly thing. So I decided to wait and then consulted two other doctors, those two doctors told me not to worry and forget about the gall bladder unless I keep getting the pain. It has been about 6 years now and I never had the problem again. I could save my poor gall bladder by second opinion.

  4. Vishwas Rao says:

    True statements. Adding to Uday, people reading this article also must refer to “What Doctors Don’t Get To Study At The Medical School”, by Dr. B M Hegde, where he has clearly mentioned how medicines have been created not to curb the disease but to create them.

  5. anu duvedi says:

    sir,your article is very good but showing only the problem is not enough.could you please give some suggestions to keep healthy and away from anybgood or bad doctors.
    with regards .Anu

  6. vishnu vinayakumar says:


    i am a medical student. i love reading ur articles. But was this article not a bit biased?

    Doctors at times have to order expensive tests because they have to be on the safe side. No one wants to get sewed because they have missed something. So doctors are in a dilemma when they are to prescribe the investigations. There are situations they may have to prescribe an expensive MRI. And if the result turn out to be benign it does not mean that the doctor was trying to force money out of the patient…

    And by this article you are reinforcing a belief that common men have. Good doctors are people who treat patients for free…

    you see, nowadays even having a haircut at a barber shop costs you Rs 100. So what is wrong in keeping a fee for private consultation?
    (Dont get me wrong. I am not talking about people who are doing a private practise besides having a govt job) I am talking of those doctors who are having their private clinic. Its their only source of livelihood. You all talk as if doctors who collect a consultation fee are corrupt.

    I hope next time you write an article on such issues you will take both sides into consideration. Thank you…

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