Allah in Vedas, Kalki Avatar and Prophet Muhammad, Islam in Bhavishya Purana!!!


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  1. Nizam says:

    Did you read your Vedas thats is the questions.. did your Vedas said that God’ cant be worship as idols.. pictures.. cant be made.. cant be hang…!! It is same with Islam.. because…there is nothing equal with.God.. Himself.

  2. Saaki says:

    Prophet Muhammad is not the founded of Islam. Nowhere Quran are bible says Muhammad is founder of Islam. Prophet Muhammad is only last and final prophet of Islam not first prophet or founder of Islam. There were 124000 prophets of Islam n the first human who set foot on earth was prophet Adam and Adam was the first prophet of Islam n Adam was the founder of Islam. Islam didn’t came into existence 1400 years back and prophet Muhammad is not the founder of Islam. Prophet Muhammad is only last and final prophet of Islam not first prophet. Islam came since time immemorial, since the first man who set foot on earth. The first human who set foot on earth was prophet adam and Adam was the first prophet of Islam n adam was the founder of Islam. B4 Islam there was no human. First human is adam and adam was the founder of Islam.

  3. Peacelover says:

    First read scripter than make ur mind rather thn argues.

  4. shabana says:

    You are a lair i request all to go and directly read vedas this man who is so stupid….vedas were not in Sanskrit language at all and to understand scripts you need to also read other books …like bible ,Quran and other books and relate it you are asking others and analysing this…this shows h have no knowledge at all ..stop misleading others .read all other books also

  5. sonu says:

    Here answerer don’t even have proper knowledge about ved puran
    He’s saying u can take any god among 30 crore to worship .
    R u idiot?
    Yajurved says chapter 32 verse 3
    Natsya pritima asti
    Of that god there is no image he is image less.
    Bhagwat geeta chapter 10 shlok 3
    Says who knows me unborn he is only wise believer.

    • sonu says:

      Bhagwat geeta chapter 7 shloka 23
      Who those Made Devtas as their God they won’t get moksha though who worship me they get unto me.

  6. Bob says:

    Well…. I saw another video of zakir…. In which he corelate…. Kalki’s. Parents name with mohhamed. Parents.. Name by converting there name into arabic…. How can it is possible…. It doesn’t give any logic…. If it possible…. Then there are many things that are irrelavant in kalki. Bhagwan and prophet muhhamad.

  7. Bob says:

    Udaylal. Pai…. You explained it very well.. That if a person is prophet in one relegion…. Then how can you make him God by comparing with Hinduism God kalki..who is God according to hinduism… If Islam is saying that he was a. messenger of god….

  8. Dave says:

    I agree with the author. Zakir Naik is fraud, mistranslated, manipulated and used al-taqia to convert gullible hindus. If anyone reads bhavishya puran will know that its manipulated. This can be caught by Sanskrit writing style. Rightly said by swami Ravishankar that Zakir Naik gives baseless argument and most arrogant. If he asks who manipulated our scripture, just tell him “Your Great Prophet Akbar and Aurangzeb.” Christian missionaries also had influence during Victoria’s rein.

  9. Vivek says:

    Maha Vishnu is only one God and no second to him Yajurveda. ..muslim see it and here it and read it, but behave like here not, read not and see not. Already said in Geeta and Vedas that ignorance people fall I trap of evil and have impotence or maya they have locked their heart by seeing truth n ignorin it.

  10. Mohd Anees says:

    I know you are completely fake the real religion is only island and you don’t no about this that the Hindu dharam is coming soon before Arabian comes in India they used a word Hindu for the people who were live in the bank of river Indus I tell you a one question that why in any book of hinds does not explain about Hindu word in your book written like this that adom is a first person who come in earth zakir Naik read your books but if u read Quran only one ty time with translation than you would know the Whole of you ok

  11. kk says:


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