25th Wedding Anniversary and Kalyanotsavam at Tirumala Tirupati

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4 Responses

  1. Murali says:

    It is really intresting to read your articles and lot of realistic and good information thank you sir. I always believe that you follow dharma and rest follows you . God is not some miracle . He stands always beside Dharma

  2. kavitha says:

    Congratulations Mr and Mrs.Uday gaaru, on the occasion of your Anniversary.

  3. Sumathi R says:

    ???????? oh my!!!what an experience. By narrating such real life experiences, you are also reaffirming the righteousness in following dharma in our lives. Also in cause n effect . To top it all, it looks like you don’t go overboard after such instances, but take them in your stride. In Tamil, they say that you have to think “idhuvum kadandhu pogum”. That is, just let all happenings pass by, without attaching significance to either good or bad happenings. I’m reminded of that when I read your postings.????

  4. Abayakumar L says:

    Dear Udayji, congratulations on your completing 25 fulfilling years of marriage. Your article is really touching. There are so many things in this world, which cannot be explained by science. So please accept it as a blessing of Lord Venkateswara or Mother Nature.

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